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Outstanding performance is the key to the best playability and that is what you get from the synthetic court of PU. A surface that assures the layer both sure footedness and a consistent ball bounce . One can even vary the playing speed to render a slow, medium or fast court. The revolutionary space-age-fiber, which is added to the 100% to acrylic binder. Now one is able to assure the trouble free playing enjoyment years to come. It is fade resistance. It contains more pigments as will as special pigment enhancer to ensure you the very best colour.

1. Laboratory Design and field testing ensure consistent quality. 2. It has vibrant colours. 3. It can be regionalized to meet differing temperature, altitude and humidity requirement. 4. It is warranted by the manufactures and the contractors . 5. The contractors include some of the largest tenis court / Basket Ball contractors in the world.
PU coating are custom formulated with the highest quality raw materials.

PD Multisports Surfaces is one of the premier organization in not only Odisha but also in India. It prepares the synthetic courts for Tenis court, Basket ball court, Badminton court, and Valley ball court, etc . It also prepares artificial surfaces for Foot ball court and Hockey court. all the surface we prepare are purely as per the approved specification and standard of I.T.F ,FIBA,FIFA IIHF, etc . We prepare the courts both on Cement Concrete base as well as Asphalt base according to the requirement of the customer. The color of the court are also as per the standard of I.T.F ,FIBA,FIFA IIHF, etc .

We have specialist and experts who are trained from USA ,UK and Australia. they will prepare the courts as per the Standard of I.T.F ,FIBA,FIFA IIHF, etc . and we have experienced Field Engineers who supervise the enter work with utmost care.


Synthetic Coats are custom formulated of only the highest quality raw materials. Our laboratory technicians are constantly seeking and testing new materials to enhance and improve the quality and performance of every Synthetic products. Our dedication to excellence has kept Synthetic on the cutting edge of court surfacing technology. This is evident in the longevity and beauty of every Synthetic surface.

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